Motorhome Insurance

You've been dreaming of this for a long time... and now you've finally done it,  Congratulations!  It's a big investment so make sure you obtain the right coverage for it. Ensuring you have a good motorhome insurance policy in place goes a long way in giving you peace of mind for your travels.  A motorhome isn’t just another vehicle it’s a home, your home.  Young & Haggis Insurance will guide you through the process of building a motorhome policy that’s tailored to your specific needs. 

Can my Motorhome be Insured on my Automobile Policy?

It’s a vehicle; so many people think it’s just a case of adding it to your automobile policy.  It is true that a motorhome can be added to an auto insurance policy. However, we strongly recommend a stand-alone motorhome insurance policy because it provides much broader coverage. You might think that a stand-alone policy would come at a higher cost.  In many cases a stand-alone motorhome policy actually costs less than adding the vehicle to your automobile policy. 

Most stand-alone motorhome policies offer replacement cost coverage while your auto policy will only provide coverage for your motorhome based on  “actual cash value”.  Replacement cost coverage means that if your motorhome is damaged beyond repair the insurance company would pay the cost to replace the unit with one of like kind and quality.  Your automobile policy would only pay what the motorhome was actually worth at the time of the accident.  Considering how fast vehicles can depreciate this could result in a payout that is less than the amount left owing on the loan.

A custom stand-alone motorhome policy also provides coverage that a standard automobile policy can’t offer. What if your motorhome is damaged to the point that you can’t stay in it?  A stand-alone policy can be customized to include coverage for a hotel expense.

What Does a Motorhome Insurance Policy Cover?

A motorhome policy is very similar to an auto insurance policy.  It provides the same basic coverages as your car insurance, just altered for a higher valued vehicle. :

Bodily Injury / Property Damage Liability: This coverage pays for any damages or injuries that you cause to another party

  • Section A -Third Party Liability - The insurance company agrees to pay on your behalf sums that you become legally liable to pay for property damage or bodily injury caused arising out of the ownership, use or operation of the insured vehicle.  This coverage is compulsory and we recommend a limit of no less than $2 million be purchased.
  • Section B - Accident Benefits - The insurance company pays for medical aid required after an injury results from an accident. This coverage is compulsory and covers the named insured, his spouse and dependent relatives.  There is also payment available for the loss of income, death and funeral benefits.
  • SEF 44 / Family Protection - This endorsement pays when you, your spouse or dependent relatives are injured in an auto accident where the motorist responsible does not have insurance or does not carry enough insurance to cover your bodily injury claim.  The limit of insurance provided by this coverage is the difference between the limits you carry on your policy and that carried by the motorist at fault.  In the event that the responsible party carries no insurance, the coverage will be limited to the third party liability amount provided by your policy.
  • All Perils - This is the broadest form of physical damage coverage. It pays to repair all direct and accidental loss or damage to the vehicle, including its equipment, subject to policy exclusions.  A deductible applies to this coverage. 

In addition a stand-alone motorhome policy can provide the following extra coverages specifically designed for a motorhome policy:

  • Emergency Expense: If your motorhome cannot be driven after an accident and needs to be towed, it can get expensive quickly.  Due to the size of the vehicle they often times require a heavy duty tow truck.   Another scenario would be fire department charges you may incur if a fire department needs to be called to save your motorhome
  • Loss of Use coverage: This endorsement covers reasonable expenses incurred in the event that your motorhome cannot be occupied.  For example a hotel expense.
  • Limited waiver of depreciation:  A common endorsement on new automobiles.  This is not typically offered on motorhomes that are added to a standard automobile policy.   This endorsement provides coverage against the effects of depreciation when an insured loss or damage occurs to a motorhome 5 years or newer. The cost of the damage would be covered on a Replacement cost basis rather than the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of loss.

Does my Motorhome Insurance Cover me Outside Of Canada?

Whether you elect to insure your motorhome on your automobile policy or purchase a stand-alone motorhome policy the territorial limits will remain the same.  Coverage is provided for anywhere in Canada or the United States of America only.  Coverage beyond these territories cannot be purchased as part of your policy. 

If you plan on taking your motorhome to Mexico, you should purchase Mexican insurance from a licensed Mexican insurance company.

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