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Travel health insurance is arguably the most overlooked insurance product on the market.  It's also probably the most affordable and valuable coverage money can buy.  You almost never get sick or hurt at home so why on earth would you ever need travel health insurance?  You're away on vacation relaxing so what could happen right?

Remember you're in another country, the surroundings and customs are unfamiliar.  This is exactly the type of situation where an accident is likely to occur.   Perhaps the country you are visiting may have very expensive or very primitive healthcare.  This is where a travel policy really shows its true value.  Your emergency health care costs are covered and if you can't get the medical attention you need you'll be transported home for the care you need. 

There are a wide variety of affordable travel insurance plans available including trip cancellation or interruption, lost or stolen baggage, accidental death, and more.

We have made getting travel insurance as easy as possible by partnering with Allianz Global Assistance (formerly TIC Travel Insurance).   To obtain your quote & coverage just call them at 1-800-995-1662.  Give them agency code 1098, which tells them you are a Young & Haggis client.