Personal Umbrella Liability 

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We are in an age where multimillion dollar liability settlements are not uncommon. Every day people are sued for many reasons ranging from minor mishaps around the home to serious injuries resulting from catastrophic car accidents.  If you have assets to protect, it’s important they are adequately covered by your liability insurance policies for imposed legal judgments. This is where a personal umbrella policy can assist you.

What Can a Personal Umbrella Policy Do For Me?

Personal umbrella insurance provides the extra liability protection you need above and beyond your already established home and auto insurance policies.  A personal umbrella policy would protect you, and everything you have worked so hard for, against large legal judgments by providing liability limits above those provided by your home and automobile policies.   For example if an injury was sustained in your home and the claim was for $1,600,000, the homeowner’s policy would pay $1,000,000 and the umbrella would pay the $600,000.

Coverage Beyond The Everyday 

Legal Liability – Protection should you be sued for causing property damage or bodily injury.

Libel Coverage – Libel, slander, and defamation of character coverage.

Legal Expenses – Payment for legal expenses should a claim not be covered by your other insurance.

Income loss coverage – Payment for loss of income incurred while preparing your legal defense.

World wide coverage – wherever you go, you’ll always have your umbrella with you.


How Can I Tell If A Personal Umbrella Policy Is Right For Me?

  • Do you own an automobile?

  • Do you own a home or a condo?

  • Do you own a recreational property, rental property, boat or motorcycle?

  • Are you well established and therefore a target for lawsuits?

  • Are you active in your community?

  • Do you volunteer for school field trips or outings with your children’s friends?

  • Are you involved in car pooling?

  • Do you travel?

  • Do you volunteer or are a director of a non-profit organization?


Umbrella liability policies automatically include coverage for up to 2 domestic residences, 2 automobiles, and all watercraft owned, leased or operated by the insured 8 meters (26ft) or less in length equipped with outboard motors totaling less than 25 horsepower or inboard motors of less than 50hp.  Additional residences, autos, and boats can be added for an additional premium. 

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